3 Weeks Post Septorhinoplasty Stitches Really Sting, Normal?

3 weeks post septorhinoplasty, I expected to start feeling normal. But the stitches either side of my septum in the corners of my nostrils are really pinching and stinging every time I move my nose, even the tiniest bit. There is pain and pressure on the very lowest end of the bridge above the tip. I have just started antibiotics as it looked like an incision had opened slightly and a bit of infection. I feel miserable, painful and worried I may have inadvertently permenantly damaged the nostril

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3 Weeks Post Septorhinoplasty Stitches Really Sting, Normal?

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 Some minor discomfort is expected however, you should be under the supervision, care and advice of the Rhinoplasty Surgeon that did your Septoplasty and as such, you really should ask him/her this question.  An examination of the nasal interior to rule out an infection seems a prudent course of action IMHO.  

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