Im 4 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty and I Think I May Have an Open Roof Deformity? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty to remove hump and fix deviated septum. After he removed the cast everything looked great, 3 weeks after, my bridge started to swell and the sides feel hard, on my right side I have a very marked indentantion. I went to see my doc and he said everything was fine, he never checked the inside of my nose, said to not be too picky and said the indentation would probably not go away. Is this normal, my nose was better from the front before than now. is this open roof deformity?

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Open roof deforminty after rhinoplasty

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Cause of open roof deformity post rhinoplasty

  1. It is too soon tell especially without an exam.  Most likely swelling.  Give it a few months.
  2. One cause is insufficient infracture of the nasal bones after hump reduction.  This can be corrected via additional osteotomis, 1 year from surgery.
  3. A second cause is when too much of the dorsum is removed especially if the septum is over resected or collapses inward.  This is a more complex problem to correct via cartilage cartilage grafting.

Be patient.  Follow up with your surgeon in a few months.  Nothing to do for it now.  Wait for swelling to subside.

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Rhinoplasty and bones

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At four weeks you are still too swollen to see if you have developed an open roof.  Perhaps your right nasal bone is a bit too inward?  Hard to say at this pont.  Give it several months to settle.

This is not open roof deformity, but follow up is needed later for nasal indentation

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You do not appear to have an open roof deformity, which is a very wide and flat boney dorsum, following your rhinoplasty. However the depressed right nasal bone may need to be addressed by out fracture if it persists after healing. You should discuss this with your surgeon later.

Open roof?

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It's hard to tell from this single photo.  you are very early in your recovery.  I would follow you doctors advice and wait for the swelling and tissues to settle over the next 6 months.  Best of luck, Dr K

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