2 Weeks Post Revision, 2 Years Post Inital Op, and Concerned That my Revision Results Still Wont Be Satisfactory?

I was a small B, petite frame, but symmetrical. Cohesive gel implants 290cc, under the muscle. The creases were at noticeably different heights and one implant sat higher. You can also REALLY feel the edges of the implants. I had this revised 2 weeks ago .He lowered the one and said it was really adhered to the chest wall. And harvested fat to put around the edge of the other. The fat is now drooping under the crease and you can STILL feel them both. Heights are better. Do i need more surgery?

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Cohesive III and IV implants are firm and palpable.

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Thank you for your question.  It appears that your revision surgery has improved many of the initial concerns.  The implants are lower, the inframammry folds are more even, the upper pols is better and all these areas will improve firther over the next few months.  The issue with the palpability may be related to the level of cohesivity of your implant.  Cohesive I and some cohesive II implants are considerably softer and are not palpable.  Round implants can come in all levels of cohesivity.  A round cohesive I implants might have been an option to decrease you palpability of the implant.  It appears that you may have a shaped (anatomic) highly cohesive III or IV ("gummy bear") type implant.  These are firmer implants and are more palpable.  They also have more aggressive texturing because they need to be held in a tighter pocket so that they do not rotate.  My suggestion is that you let everything settle and follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon.  The implants that you have were picked specifically for your situation and likley the long term outcome will be excellent. 

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Please send your pictures

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Breast implant will be palpable no matter what kind if you have minimal breast tissue to cover the implants. We would not know if you need more surgery without pictures.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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