7 Weeks Post Otoplasty. Left Ear Seems Lower Than Right Ear and Tip is Slighlty Drooping Outwards? (photo)

Am about 8 weeks post-otoplasty.ears were initially ‘flat’ against head. As swelling subsided, I noticed that the tip of my left ear was drooping slightly fwd in Wk 2. The left ear seems lopsided and lower than the right ear. I understand that ears are asymmetrical to begin with. Pushing the left tip backwards does not seem to correct the “lopsidedess”. Will I benefit from a slight revision? Is it possible to raise the left ear to match the tip to the right one? Thanks.

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Asymmetry after an otoplasty need more time

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Early asymmetry is the normal after an otoplasty.  Wait for another 3 to 6 months before you begin to judge the result. 

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Otoplasty for asymmetrical ears

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Dear Dev Jaynesh,

  1. This can happen from time to time and your results do look great so far
  2. You can lift the left ear up in a revision and that might make you happier
  3. I would visit your surgeon to discuss this and the timing of the revision if both of you think that this would help

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