2 Weeks Post-op Bleph, Am Having Some Serious Concerns? (photo)

Well my eyes are still ugly with scelara. Although one is way worse than the other(ectropion.)I know doctors don't like criticizing their colleagues skills, but I need honest opinions here. When I went back to my 10 day post-op, the dr. just said he wanted me to do more massaging.I do understand it's early, but I have a scar that extends past my eye, that is more vertical than horizontal.Also the ectropion is causing a lot of dryness and pain, also bumps where he took out the canthopexy stitches

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You should be patient for at least a few months. Ten days is too early following eyelid surgery to judge the final result.

You should be patient for at least a few months.  Ten days is too early following eyelid surgery to judge the final result.  If your doctor is an experience eyelid surgeon, he/she will be able to help resolve your concerns.

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Concerns shortly after eyelid surgery

It is not unusual to have changes after surgery that take a while to sort themselves out.  Sometimes these changes are related to temporary reduced function of the muscles produced in the course of surgical manipulation, sometime they are due to swelling, tightness of the skin, etc.  There are times where additional intervention is required but many of these early postoperative changes improve with patience and time.  You trusted your surgeon to perform your surgery; you should also trust that same surgeon to manage the little "bumps in the road" that can occur during the postoperative recovery period.  Good luck.


Brian Biesman

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Right Ectropion

External taping and massage as directed by your surgeon is the first line of defense.  Two more weeks thereafter, many other therapies are available for improvement.

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Concerns 2 weeks post bleph

  Well, I am glad that you asked.  I think one of the dangers with this forum is getting too many opinions, especially for questions best left to the operating surgeon to answer.  Nonetheless, I will try.  Yes, it looks like you are having a problem, and I understand your concern.  However, it does seem likely that your ectropion will improve with time (and with massage).  Don't worry about your bumps or incisions right now, and use a lot of ocular lubrication to improve your eye comfort.  Good luck!

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