7 Weeks Post Open Rhinoplasty - White Lump on Bridge? (Photo)

Recently in the last few days (week 7) a strange white bump has appeared when i gently press down on my nose (see picture). I am not able to see my surgeon until June 10th, is this something I should be concerned about? the swelling on the left side appears to have calmed but not the other side, possibly due to trauma when i walked into a door (week 3)? My nose didn't bleed & eyes didn't water, but I am a bit worried. I do appreciate there a great improvement from the before picture though.

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Dorsal bump postop

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From the photos this does not seem like anything to worry about.  It appears to be the edge of the nasal bone that becomes evident when you tense the skin.  You have a nice dorsal aesthetic line which should remain the case over time. 

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