4 Weeks Post Op and Chin Looks Worse Than Before Smartlipo: Swollen and Hard Areas.

I had only a slight double chin (hereditary) before surgery so dr said I didn't need much fat removed. Around day 5 my chin started to gradually swell and harden and has stayed that way with no improvement, plus is tender. I've worn my compression garment 3 days post op then around 10-12 hrs per day. Area under chin is round and firm. What can this be? Do I need to insist on an appt? Dr is board certified but works for one of those centers that try to do everything w/ nurses.

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Swelling under chin

Speak with the doctor who has done your surgery about your concerns. Irrespective of the fact that he works in a center that does everything with nurses, he is still your resposible care provider.

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Liposuction and chin

If you are having pain in the chin after liposuction, I suggest you speak with your treating phsyician.

Steven Wallach, MD
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