I Am 4 Weeks Post Op TT, 1 Drain In. Putting out Between 25-30cc's/day, Bursa?

I am 4 weeks Post op and dtill have 1 drain in. It's putting out approx. 25-30cc;s/day. Is it likely at this point for there to be a Bursa, keeping my skin and muscles from bonding. I havent been at all active because I just want this drain out. I always wear my compression garment. Is there anything more I can do to move things along?

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What does your board certified plastic surgeon say?

Lets face it , 4 weeks is a long time for a drain and something needs to be done.  pull it and see if you do ok or explore it and strip the capsule.  personally i would pull it and bite the bullet.  if you have a seroma you will need an operation to remove it.  

Most important thing is to speak with your ASAPS member Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


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