2 Weeks Post Op (Tummy Tuck and Lipo) I am starting to feel hard lumps underneath my skin and a few small, hard balls?

I am starting to feel hard lumps underneath my skin and a few small, hard balls too. Is this normal? Also, I was wondering how tight my stage 2 garment should be and how long I should wear it? Thank you.

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Firm Lumps after liposuction and tummy tuck

Swelling and areas of firmness ( i.e. areas of "lumps and bumps") are common in the first several weeks after liposuction and tummy tuck procedures.
First of all, you are still in the immediate postoperative period (first 6 wks) and are expected to be swollen with areas of firmness. This is not your final result so be comforted by this message and relax a bit. Massage can help manage firm lumps and bumps following liposuction

All of my tummy tuck and liposuction patients, especially those having it around their torso, need to wear compression garments after surgery. For the first three weeks, you should wear a medical compression garment 24/7. After this it depends on the skin elasticity you have, the amount of skin redundancy, and amount of fat removed. Only your surgeon will be able to best inform you how long you should wear your compression garments. For the majority of my patients it is for 6 weeks. They may be uncomfortable, but they aid the healing process and reduce swelling. You can probably switch to a lighter compression garment like Spanx after six weeks

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Lumpy after Lipo

Are these lumps in the area of the incision for the tummy tuck.  They may be deep sutures used to close the incision.  These may take several months to resolve if this is the case.  If these lumps are more in the areas of liposuction, they may represent small seromas.  Are they bruised as well?  Hard to surmise without more information.  In either case, continue compression and f/u with your surgeon.  At 2 weeks you are still in an early stage and many of these issues may resolve successfully with time.  

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