Over 5 weeks post op, right nostril breathing is wide open, left nostril slightly open. Is this normal?

I had surgery for deviated septum.turninates shrank ,bump rhasped, originally I could not breath out of right nostril. only the left, . now I can only breath out of right nostril not very well out of left. is this normal? I get congestion in left nostril only not in right. I don't have allergy problems. Doc Said my septum looks straight. All of the surgery was Done from the left side. could this be inflamation ?Also I am having breathing difficulties like it is hard to catch my breath .

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Breathing problems after Rhinoplasty.

 Dear, Taylor, thank you for your question. Breathing problems after rhinoplasty may be related to swelling, crusting, or mechanical obstruction. Consider following up with your doctor determine the cause.If you are not satisfied, a second opinion may shed some light. Best of Luck.

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Breathing trouble 5 weeks after septo/rhino is normal

Having not examined you, I cannot be specific about your care.  However, it is normal to have some asymmetric swelling inside your nose after this type of surgery, and even small blood clots or mucous that have not worked their way out yet.  Typically, I ask patients to use saline rinses to gently clean the nose and help speed up the process of healing.  Check in with your surgeon again if things are not getting better.  Also, it is possible that your left nasal breathing ends up a little worse than your right--not because it actually became worse than before surgery.  Rather, it may be that your right side was so vastly improved that it is now better than the left was before....

Sam Most, MD
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