Why is my right breast still high three weeks post op? (photo)

Breast lift (lollipop) with 415cc silicone I've started displacement exercises and am still wearing my compression bra. I'm soo scared that it will not catch up to the left. Also want to add that the right has always looked my swollen than the left after the surgery and it took longer to stop hurting than the left. Please help!! 29 years old 2 children Pre bra: 34C (not full) 415 cc silicone

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Breast lift at 3 weeks

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Your breasts look very nice at three weeks.  There is always some asymmetry between the two breasts but in your case it appears very minor and certainly within normal limits.

Early Breast Lift with Implants Result

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At just three weeks after surgery, every combination breast lift with implants patient will have some asymmetry due to swelling and the failure of the tissues to yet relax from the implants and the trauma of surgery. You need to be patient and wait a full three months after surgery before casting a critical eye. You have a beautiful early result from a very difficult aesthetic breast operation. At this point, any fears you have about the potential for permanent breast asymmetry are unfounded and premature.

Breast asymmetry three weeks postop.

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Whenever you operate on both sides of the body at the same time the rate at which each side heals can vary. It is not uncommon that you can have more swelling, pain or displacement of the implant  on one side more than the other.  It is important that you address this issue with your surgeon. When I look at your photo I don't see a lot of asymmetry. Give it some time. Likely things will improve.

Asymmetry following a breast augmentation / lift

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At three weeks you are still early in the recovery process and some settling of the implants will occur.  If your symmetry does not improve by 6 months you may need a revision.  Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to understand your anatomy and judge if and when a revision is needed.  

Implant is high after three weeks

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With augmentation and a lift the settling can take as long as three months, not three weeks. You will continue to see improvements up to a year after augmentation. It is just too soon to panic.

Right breast issues

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In your photo your left breast is higher so I assume this is a mirror image. If it is truly your right side, your entire right breast is situated lower on your chest wall as your starting point, so this will hold true after surgery. Look at the levels of the crease under each breast. Your right side looks to be at least 1" below your left. Overall your result is excellent and you will not see your final result for 3-6 months with any breast lift/implant combination. Be patient and discuss with your surgeon.

Why is my right breast still high three weeks post op?

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At 3 weeks post breast augmentation with lift, you appear to be healing very well.  You should ask your surgeon why your right breast was more swollen than your left but it may have been that more work was done to that breast, but it's hard to say as there are no pre-op photos to compare.  No patient is perfectly symmetrical and from this view it appears that you have a slight asymmetry which is absolutely normal.  For implants to settle, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months so try to be patient and continue with your follow up visits so your progress can be tracked with photos and re-evaluate with your surgeon then.  Congratulations and best of luck.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry after Breast Lift

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You’re right, your implant does look a little bit high but otherwise it looks as if you are healing quite well.

If your implants were placed behind the muscle it may be that your muscle is holding the implant up at that stage, in the vast majority of cases the implant will settle down to a new position with time, particularly if you can massage the bust to help relax the muscle slightly. If you are concerned however, it might be best to go and see your surgeon to advise the best way forward for you.

Asymmetry is minimal

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Thanks for your question and pic. It may be difficult to tell with your arms raised if there is an asymmetry of the implant height. Looking at what you submitted, any asymmetry you perceive is minimal and frankly expected. No one has mirror image breasts. I think you look fabulous and would be very proud of your result.

Implant asymmetry at 3 weeks

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I tell ALL  of my patient before and many times after surgery that the implants on average just start to drop at about 3 weeks.  Frequently, one side will be up and the next day, the other side will be up.  It is enough to make you nuts if you look too closely.

Your asymmetry is minimal, and your results so far are beautiful.

I think it is good that you ask this to get an objective opinion.  It was told to me as a resident that if I tell the patient before surgery, that is education, but if I tell them after surgery, that is an excuse.  The key is that the patient will lose confidence.

I would advise you to hold tight, next week you should see continued improvement.

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