4 Weeks Post Op-Regular Tumescent Lipo of Arms. I Can Get Smart Lipo Now on the Area That Needed It but Did Not Get Treated?

I got "regular" lipo on the underside of my arms 4 weeks ago. Since the day I had that procedure, I've been disappointed that the area above my elbow and the outside/outer area of my arms weren't treated. It was my fault for not communicating with my surgeon properly. Now I want to treat the areas I missed, so I can get it over with. I know there's still swelling where I WAS treated, but what's the WORST that can happen if I get the other areas treated now? Don't want to wait 6 months. Thank you

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Lipo and redo

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At 4 weeks your arms are still swollen and it may not provide an accurate assessment for what needs to be done. You should probably wait 3-4 more months for the swelling to dissipate.

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Smart lipo after tumescence

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I am sorry that you are disappointed but, if you read these posts, you will know that things do take time to settle down and it is too early to rush to judgment. Without photos, it is impossible to tell what you need to do at this point, invasive v. non-invasive, but I would caution against rushing into another procedure too soon.

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