2 weeks PO, when will swelling come down? (photo)

Had Full TT & Lipo 2 wk ago My questions: 1. When my swelling will come down? 2. I am still hunched over, when should I try to walk straight without having to damage my scar. 3. From pictures can you suggest if results look normal (sorry I don't have pre-op pics but I am not a big person had lose skin and lot of stretch marks after 3 pregnancies. I am 5.5 & 130lbs). 4. Once the swelling is gone will I have flat stomach & smooth stretch marks ( had above BB stretch marks). PS was board certified

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2 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck

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It takes weeks for all the swelling to settle down.  Based on your photos, you should expect a very good result.  Follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions for a complete recovery!  Best wishes!

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