4 weeks post-op questions: 375cc HP, cohesive gel implants (unders). Can I do arm exercises? Do my incisions look okay? (photos)

I will be 4 weeks post-op on March 27th and am supposed to have an appt. with my surgeon tomorrow (1st since the surgery) however there is supposed to be a huge storm and they said that if it gets cancelled they can't get me in until April 16th. I have been feeling good but I am wondering if my incisions are looking normal for this stage and whether or not I can start doing arm exercises with light weights. What should I still be avoiding? I know every surgeon is different but anything helps!

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4 weeks post-op questions: 375cc HP, cohesive gel implants (unders). Can I do arm exercises? Do my incisions look okay?

From your photos, it appears that you are healing right on track.  I typically see my patients the day after surgery and then one week later and go from there.  My assistant is always available to answer questions and address your concerns between follow up appointments.  Depending on how you are healing, I usually release my patients to do isolated 5lb light weights at around 3 weeks.  Every surgeon has different post-op instructions so before you do anything, you need to be released by your surgeon.  Also, depending on healing, I start my patients on massaging at around 3 weeks to help the implants to drop.  Do your best not to miss this appointment, it's very important and answers on realself are just not sufficient but is good to gather information to possibly discuss with your surgeon.  Good luck! ac

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Returning to exercise after breast enlargement

Thank you very much for your enquiry. The answer is yes I think it is OK to start off doing gentle exercises as your scar looks to be healing very well.
I would start off very gently with low weights initially and slowly build this up.
The golden rule is that if it hurts, reduce the amount of activity you are doing as this is a sign of undergoing inflammation.
Good luck with your increase in your exercise regime.
With best wishes.

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Concerns during recovery

should always be addressed by your surgeon, whom you chose and trusted to do this right for you.  Everyone has different protocols so best to do what your surgeon asks of you.  As for not being able to be seen for a simple follow-up, it seems someone in the office could see you prior to help alleviate any concerns you may have and to ensure you are coming along well.

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4 weeks post-op questions: 375cc HP, cohesive gel implants (unders). Can I do arm exercises? Do my incisions look okay?

We can give you our own personal post op responses but why not text your surgeon with these issues for his response... 

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4 weeks post breast augmentation

At four weeks it looks like your incisions are ok. Your implants are still very high, but all questions like these should be answered by your surgeon.

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