At 6 Weeks Post Op I Had Overnight, Sudden Swelling of Right Breast, Now 2 Wks Later It is Much Higher and Very Hard? (photo)

currently 8 weeks post op submuscular conversion (revision) with HIGH PROFILE silicone 425R and 475L. previous BA was above muscle saline. At 6 weeks post op, after all swelling had gone, I woke up on a Sunday morning to sudden swelling of right breast. It was 3x bigger than the left and very painful. Called my PS and he met me at his office on a Sunday a few hours later,he said it would do more harm than good to open me back up again and try to fix it. Now it's hard and much higher than left

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Sudden Postop Swelling

This sudden swelling could be due to a hematoma, or possible a seroma (collection of fluid) in the implant pocket.  The sudden enlargement would more suggest a hematoma. An ultrasound might help with the diagnosis, and I would again discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

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Breast increased in size overnight

It could be the result of a hematoma or fluid or swelling. Hard to say without an exam.  Brusising would suggest a hematoma.  Speak with your surgeon.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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