4 Weeks Post Op Noticed Inframammary Fold on Left Breast Lower Than Right Breast, Will This Correct Itself?

BA, 300 cc Saline smooth implants under muscle with lift. Healing nicely, no complications so far although the R breast seems much tighter than the L. The implant on the R still soft and moveable but not to the same degree as the L side(I am right handed).L side is softer, more comfortable, and imframammary crease nicely lowered in relation to nipple. However R inframammary crease is about a cm higher and the difference from nipple to crease is much smaller then L side. will this correct itself?

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How your breast fold will change depends on how it was dealt with during surgery

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If your right breast fold was higher to begin with and it was not released or changed compared to the left then it may remain more elevated than the left.  If it was higher than the left and it was released it often takes some time for it to relax.  The symmetry or asymmetry of breast folds in particular can be commonly overlooked before surgery especially when the breast size is small preoperatively.

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Breast Asymmetry after Augmentation and Breast Lifting

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Thank you for the question and picture.

At this stage in your recovery is much too early to judge the final results that you will achieve.  There are many  variables that  may be in play in your situation.  I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon and assessment of symmetry at about 6 months postop. Otherwise, you may find the breasts will change on a monthly basis during your recovery (causing you unnecessary anxiety).

I hope this helps.

4 Wks Post Op Noticed Inframammary Fold on Lft Breast Lwr Than Rght Breast, Will This Correct Itself?Answer:

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I think you will have a very nice result and you may have a bit of difference from side to side and this is normal. One cm is not bad at all but at 4 weeks you may be able to move the right side down a bit with massage (both hands pushing straight back just above the areola) but remember.. When the implant moves down, the nipple moves up and most women are concerned more with that being even than the bottoms. Like I tell my patients, you breasts will look more like sisters than identical twins!

Answer to RealSelf.com breast asymmetry question

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Without evaluating your preoperative photographs it is difficult to give a definitive answer, however your result looks quite good so far.  All women have asymmetry of their breasts--both before and after surgery.   Most patients tend to look much more critically at their breasts after surgery than before it.  Realize that your breasts should look similar to one another, but not exactly the same.  I imagine that with more time you will have an excellent result.  If you have concerns, contact your surgeon and go over the preoperative photographs to see "where you started."  Good luck.

Asymmetry before and after breast implants with lift

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How similar your breast are after a lift with implants can often depend on how much asymmetry was present before your procedure. If breast volume and skin envelope are quite different side to side, then there will be differences apparent despite adjusting volume, and lift. Over time you will appreciate how close your result has come as the skin relaxes and the lift settles a bit.

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Sisters not Twins

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From what it appears, you are healing as expected from your surgery which included an areolar lift. However, you will likely find that there are a number of asymmetries that exist with your breasts that you may not have appreciated before surgery (all breasts are not exactly alike). I would first discuss this with your surgeon and evaluate pre-op photos to ensure that this isn't something that has always been present. Time, as well, will help to settle many of your issues.

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Vincent Marin, MD

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Early asymmetries are common after augment/mastopexy

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It is not uncommon for one breast to be more painful, have more swelling or bruising, be firmer or for one implant to take longer to settle after the combination of breast augmentation and a breast lift.  It is hard to tell from your photograph because of the difference in your arm position how much asymmetry is present. Some of what you are seeing may improve with time and I would recommend that you don't be too critical of your appearance for at least a couple of months.  If at that time you still have concerns, address them with your surgeon. If some kind of revision is necessary, it is usually a fairly minor procedure without much pain and the recovery is much less than with your initial surgery. Hang in there!

4 Weeks Post Op Noticed Inframammary Fold on Left Breast Lower Than Right Breast, Will This Correct Itself?

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If you had posted a before photo I'm sure there is a difference. This should have been discussed in your informed consent, so you could be aware of the possible results. 

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