3 Weeks Post Breast Augmentation: Noticed Extra Sagging of Skin Near Left Breast - is This Normal?

It looks like either a protrusion or an extra pocket. Is this normal?

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Protrusion near breast 3 weeks after augmentation is (probably) fine.

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Without examination, it is impossible to state with certainty, but this is a common occurrence since fibers of your pectoralis muscle were intentionally cut during the creation of your submuscular implant pocket in this area. Though this is done as symmetrically as possible, there can be more or less swelling on one side or the other, perhaps just on the basis of being right or left handed, or sleeping more on one side.

If the pocket on that side was dissected a bit too aggressively, then this could be or become a more long-lasting concern, but that is something that only time will tell, and at this point it is only a theoretical possibility, since asymmetrical swelling is very common in most patients.

I'd check with your surgeon first, but when I see this in my own breast augmentation patients, I ask them to wear a supportive brassiere (underwire is OK at this point) that provides gentle but consistent pressure on this area. That will help any swelling to reabsorb, and any slightly non-circular pocket dissection to possibly heal down where it belongs.

If I were to make a guess, I'd say this will not be a problem; you look good at this point in your recovery.

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