4 Weeks Post Op, my Breast Wide Apart? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op breast augmentation under the muscle silicone gel implants, my recovery is going well and my ps is lovely but my oh concern is I think my breast are quite wide apart, will they get closer and will my nipples be more in the middle? I would greatly appreciate your comments, also will my size go down when the swelling subside? I was a 30b pre op and a couple of days ago I went to a bra shop and was sized 30e or 30dd, which surprised me, I'd like to be a 30d

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4 Weeks Post Op, my Breast Wide Apart? (photo)

Best to re post photos - before , after in same frontal viewing. You most likely have anatomically wide set N/A complexes so surgery would only magnify this separation. Sorry. Best to discuss with your surgeon! 

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It would be better to have a photo with your arms down by your side


Thank you for the question and the photo.  In the current photo your breasts do appear to be too far to the side.  When your arms are up the chest muscles are engaged and the breast implants can be pushed to the side a little.  Regardless, it does seem that your pocket is a little under-dissected towards the middle and your implants may also be a little too narrow.  Discuss the healing process with your plastic surgeon and how long you will need before you can evaluate the final breast shape.

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