2 Weeks Post-op Lasik with Inflammation?

Hello, Had bladeless Lasik with CustomVue done on 5/15, procedure went well. On 5/16 I was seeing 20/20 from both eyes. Now almost 2 weeks later, I'm 20/40 in my right eye with a strange sensation, almost a light burning. I went to the doctor on 5/24 about it, diagnosed a corneal inflammation and that's why everything is blurry on the one side. I was given a script for Durazol for another week, 4x daily. I see them again 5/29. Does this sound normal? Inflammation causing bad blurred vision?

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LASIK complications

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Excess inflammation can sometimes occur after a perfectly normal LASIK procedure resulting in blurred vision. In the large majority of cases, if the inflammation is addressed quickly, it can be controlled and will not lead to any permanent reduction in vision. Follow your doctors instructions and follow up as directed. 

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