5 weeks post op. High profile silicone 500cc . Is left boob going to drop and look like the right boob? (Photo)

I have been watching my boobs and for the past 5 weeks I keep telling myself I need to give them time to heal and drop and take their position .. but the more time that passes I feel the left boob isn't going to change and will always look different. I have expressed my feeling about it to my doctor and they just keep telling me that they look great and don't worry to give them time . Is this normal and will they be ok or will I need revision surgery ? Thank you

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Implants can still move

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so don't despair.  BUT if you're not making slow progress (take serial photos or measure distance from nipple to fold), know your surgeon's revision policy as there is an outside chance you may need to use it.  But keep up your massaging or whatever else your surgeon has instructed you to implement to help achieve improved symmetry.

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Implant failure to drop after breast augmentation

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Based on your photographs there was an asymmetry before surgery in that your left breast had more ptosis or sagging than the right.

However there looks to be a significant size difference with the right breast appearing much larger.

If the left breast feels hard then you may be developing a capsular contraction. 

However the most likely explanation is that the breast implant pocket on the left side was not dissected as large as the one on the right assuming that you have the same size implants placed on both sides.

Please see your plastic surgeon and asked specifically about the significant asymmetry.  If the doctor is unresponsive obtain a second consultation.

Asymmetry after BA

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I believe that the asymmetry is unlikely to improve. You may need another procedure to improve this. Speak to your PS again. All the best.

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Left breast high 5 weeks after augmentation.

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There is definitely asymmetry of the breasts.  I don't see any scars around the areola or the inframammary area.  I'm assuming you had a transaxillary breast augmentation.  I see a slight double bubble of the right breast where the old inframammary fold is.  The left does not have this as the implant was placed higher and did not disrupt the old inframammary fold.  This is typical of many transaxillary breast augmentations where asymmentry of the inframammary fold area is common.  One of the problems with transaxillary approaches is the difficulty in controlling the lower pole of the breast as it is far from the incision site. Often when implants are placed below the original inframammary fold the ligaments that form the fold needs to be released.  This is difficult to do from the axilla.  At any rate I doubt this will correct itself over time with both inframammary folds being exactly equal.  You should wait at least six months to see where the breasts may drop to and then consider revising the breast if they do not appear to be symmetrical. 

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
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5 weeks post op. High profile silicone 500cc . Is left boob going to drop and look like the right boob?

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There appears to be a significant asymmetry in your before posted photo, but at that photo angle hard to be sure. If there is an asymmetry than different sized implant needed to by used and a possible lifting was needed also. Best to seek IN PERSON second opinions from boarded PSs in Miami. BTW who was your surgeon? Pm the answer. 

High implant

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I agree you have a noticeable difference, if it is hard it could be an early capsule if it is soft than maybe the muscle was not released enough. It is not fun but I have manually pushed that implant down in the office once or twice, ask your surgeon!

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