4 Weeks Post Op Full Tt with Muscle Repair and Hernia Repair Feeling Depressed? (photo)

I have been thrilled with results until this week and I am so depressed !!! My bb has a small problem but my ps assured me at 6 mos we will revise if i am not happy so I quit obsessing about it but now i feel like I am swollen more and around my belly button it has always been raised but thought with time it would go down??? Very happy with incision and he removed tatoo in vaginal area pulling that skin tighter so happy there but when i sit down I had a roll is this normal ?

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4 Weeks Post Op from Tummy Tuck

It is way too early to judge your result, which appears to be on point. I definitely think you can relax a bit. I agree with your surgeon in that if any revisions need to be made that it is best to wait until you are at least six months post-op. 

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4 Weeks Post Op Full Tt with Muscle Repair and Hernia Repair Feeling Depressed?

  4 weeks after surgery swelling will be obscuring your result.  It is too early to make any decisions.  There will always be some residual skin laxity after tummy tuck, particularly when sitting or bending over.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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4 Weeks Post Op Full Tt with Muscle Repair and Hernia Repair Feeling Depressed

Try not to obsess as you said. It is to early to judge your final results and with tummy tucks it does take longer till things settle into place. when cleared by your surgeon physical activity will help shape things up. Revision is usually possible at 6 months if needed.

Good luck and cheer up  

Depression after surgery

is quite common.  But please realize your results look great, especially when you consider where you started.  Belly buttons can be revised so don't despair.  Work on increasing your activities as allowed by your surgeon and everything will fall into place.  And when you have your belly button revised, your doctor can also address anything else that may be bothering you. 

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4 Weeks Post Op Full Tt with Muscle Repair and Hernia Repair Feeling Depressed?

Getting the blues after plastic surgery is not at all uncommon. The good news is that it looks like your result is really nice. I can't see the navel in these photos, so whatever the issue is there I can't comment upon.

When you sit, your chest and pelvis come closer together,and the skin will buckle some--probable less than it did before surgery, but still some. Think about the poses of swimsuit models.--they are never sitting.

Discuss any issues with your surgeons. Continue on with your recovery, and you will be pleased with the improvement you have had. All the best. 

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Depressed 4 weeks post-op tummy tuck!

Hi Texas Aggie! Your "blue funkies" (what I call them when my patients have this) are pretty common at this point in some patients' recoveries, so you are not alone! But your result looks not only good but excellent, and your surgeon is not "glad-handing" or placating you by telling you that revision is always possible, but being accurate in asking you to wait and let things heal completely and scar tissue to mature and fade!

You look very nicely flat when standing, so unless you want your incision to "pop open" when you stand, you can't be taut and flat when sitting. Look at your elbow skin when your arm is straight--see the "wrinkled" skin? Now bend your elbow at 90 degrees, and see how that skin tightens right up! Abdomens ALWAYS get somewhat looser when we sit and the tension is taken off, but even more so when you are swollen and your incision scars are adherent!

It takes a full 6-12 months for you to see your "final" result, so be patient and try to minimize your depression (get professional help for a while if this is needed--no shame) as your results improve. Getting "down" on yourself (or your surgeon) in the meantime only leads to overeating and less exercising, and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Do not fall prey to this; keep up your good work, ultraviolet avoidance, diet, and exercise. See your surgeon if you need encouragement--this was nicely-performed surgery! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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