8 Weeks Post Op from a Tummy Tuck, Could I Possibly Have a Pseudo-bursa? (photo)

Could I have a Pseudo-bursa?At 4 weeks post op,had a seroma, which developed at 2weeks post op.it was drain,when PS drained the Seroma,he drained 450cc from it.The following week he was able to drain 200cc of fluid.Seen doctor on Nov,21.The right side of stomach has a bulge. Its noticeable,soft and squishy to the touch.My PS tried to drain it,thinking it was fluid,but he wasnt able to pull any.Now I have this bulge and It looks fat not flat.Sitting down I can feel my stomach in my lap.I'm upset

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8 Weeks Post Op from a Tummy Tuck, Could I Possibly Have a Pseudo-bursa?

The short answer is - Yes. You could have a bursa. But before becoming upset it would be much more appropriate to get together and work with your Plastic surgeon to get to the bottom of this. The vast majority of plastic surgeons are dedicated perfectionistic individuals who seek the best possible results for their patients. If you are not happy, your surgeon is unhappy as well. You may need an ultrasound or CT to see the cause of swelling. While it could be a bursa, it may well be fat which USED to be higher on your tummy wall but has been pulled down. That can be solved with liposuction. Talk to your surgeon.

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Seromas after tummy tuck

A seroma or fluid collection after tummy tuck is very upsetting for both patient and surgeon and can may you feel fuller than before the procedure. Aspiration to speed the resolution and for comfort are the norm, and over time they all resolve. You will not develope a pseudo-bursa. Try a Spanx Higher Power 24/7 to rest the area.

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Pseudobursa after tummy tuck

Dear Brooksie,

Seroma fluid that is present for an extended amount of time can create a pseudobursa.  An examination by your plastic surgeon with or without an ultrasound or CT scan would help determine if this is the case.  The fullness that you have can only be a handful of things including excess fat, loose abdominal wall, fluid collection, or pseudobursa.  What is needed to get you the shape and contour that you want will depend on which of these is the source of the problem.

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Seroma pocket.

A persistent seroma can result in a seroma capsule or bursa. Treatment for these ranges from inflammatory injections (usually an antibiotic which irritates the pocket and scars it shut) or surgical excision. Ultrasound can be helpful in identifying such a space. Close follow up with your surgeon is recommended.

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