9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High. Will They Drop?

9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High.  Will They Drop?

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9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High. Will They Drop?

 Coronal Brow Lifts can raise both the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) aspects of the eyebrows and you didn't specify which segment seemed to be over-raised.  The medial segment, of the eyebrow, is the expressive portion giving a sense of anger when low and surprised when over elevated.  The lateral segment, of the eyebrow, is the beauty segment and in women should be roughly one finger breadth above the upper eye socket.  Photos would help in the aesthetic evaluation of the eyebrows. 

 It typically takes 3-4 months for the final results from a Coronal Brow Lift to occur.  If after that time, the eyebrow(s) are still too high you may want to go back and see the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Brow Lift for specific ways to bring the eyebrow(s) down.  

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It is possible.

Brow position will descend with time on matter what, but exactly how much drop you are hoping for is the question. Without photos, it is tough to answer. A coronal lift does give a longlasting result, however. You should discuss with your surgeon.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Brow position high after coronal lift.

It is difficult to answer this question without being able to do an examination and see the current location. In many cases the brow will relax and drop a bit in time. I would encourage you to address your concerns with your surgeon. 

Brian J. Lee, MD
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No photo so this will be a general answer.

Generally, no the position of the forehead will relax very little after a coronal forehead lift.  At 9 weeks, you are most likely looking at a relatively final forehead position.  For this reason, if you feel you are over-elevated, please discuss this situation frankly with your surgeon.  Positioning the brows correctly with a forehead lift is the single most important aspect of this surgery-too high and you have a surprised look, too low and you will feel like you had no result.  It may also be that you and your surgeon have a different vision of where the brows should be.

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