3 Weeks Post-op, Concerned with Dog Ears?

I had a tt with lipo (with muscle plication) on June 16. I'm concerned bc swelling seems to be one sided. My left side received a LOT of bruising and has the most swelling. It is hard and still slightly bruised at this time. Is post-op swelling supposed to be hard? Should I be concerned with dog ears? or is it too early? Revision is not an option for me and it is also hard to see my PS bc I live 4 1/2 hrs from him.

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Tummy Tuck Results?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Given that you are only 3 weeks out of your surgery, it is much too early to be worried about the outcome of your surgery. Swelling is part of the process of healing and it will take several months before you see the final results of surgery.

Final skin “redraping” may take a year to occur. At that point it will be fair to evaluate the final results of surgery.

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Swelling is normal 3 weeks after tummy tuck

Swelling is very normal three weeks after a tummy tuck with liposuction.  This is especially noticeable in the areas where you had liposuction (flanks or love handles).  The swelling will also feel firm at this point which is normal as scar tissue begins to develop. You may not see your final outcome for a few months. I recommend discussing your concerns with your surgeon and send him/her photos if you can not easily make your follow up appointments.

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Three Weeks After Abdominoplasty Too Early To Pass Judgement

After undergoing an abdominoplasty with muscle plication, it can take over three months for all the changes to occur.  Being only three weeks into it means you have a long way to go in the healing process.  If you had more brusing on one side vs the other after surgery, then it would not be unusual to have more swelling in that area that persists longer.  That generally means that there was more bleeding on that side for whatever reason.  That swelling can make the tissues feel firmer longer. It will probably go away, but again, may take three months for everything to stop changing. With regards to dog-ears, it is way to early to tell how your incision will ultimately heal.  Since you live far from your surgeon, hopefully you set up a follow-up plan with he/she that allows you to call and email them pictures, concerns, etc. whenever necessary.  If they do not have this communication ability, then I would make the drive for them to check, or see if a local plastic surgeon would be willing to see you.  I hope this helps.

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