4 Weeks Post Op Circumferential Body Lift, Incision Split And Am Draining. Should I Worry?

I am 4 weeks post circum.. body lift, I have 3 superficial splits, one on my left approx 2", my Dr has me doing a wet dry pack since stitching isn't and option. 2 days ago a sprung a leak in my incision below my belly button the size of a q-tip head and I now notice another hole approx 2" to the right forming. My Dr just tells me it's not uncommon but 3 seems excessive to me. How many more before I need to start worrying? If I'm not done draining then why would my drain tubes be removed already?

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Delayed healing after body lift

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A body lift is an extensive operation, requiring long incisions and multiple layers of sutures in the closures.  Areas of delayed healing are not uncommon, but despite the aggravation and anxiety of the prolonged wound care, the results are usually not compromised.  It seems like your surgeon is instructing you properly with the treatment you described.  Going through this can be extremely stressful, but patience and continuation of the wound care will get these openings to close.

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Body lift

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wound healing problems is not uncommon in body lifts. these are usually treated conservatively, as your doctor is doing. Keep close  follow up with your doctor and these wounds should heal. It may take 6 weeks for complete healing.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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