3 Weeks Post Chin Surgery and Have Asymmetry? (photo)

Ive already posted questions but I dont think this is a time and healing issue. The implant seems str8 but it feels like there's more flesh on the right of my chin peak than the left & when i flex a certain way it does what you can see in the photo anyone seen it before? can it, will it resolve? Also is it normal to have such weakness in the middle of your bottom lip so much that i can't seal my mouth properly and i spill water when drinking? please answer elaborately

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Chin asymmetry after a chin implant when flexing your mouth muscles

It is hard to tell exactly why you are having the asymmetry. Having preoperative photos with you manifesting the same mouth posture and puckering will help define what is actually causing the problem. Additionally, see pictures of you at rest both before and after surgery will help. If I have to guess, I would venture to say that this most likely represents soft tissue asymmetry. Placing a chin implant can accentuate a pre-existing asymmetry which a patient may not been aware of preoperatively. I have seen patients manifest this same problem when they had pre-existing filler placed in and around the chin prior to the surgery such as Juvéderm, radio's, fat et cetera. If this is a soft tissue issue, then this can be addressed through a variety of means.

 If you notice that the chin implant is moving, however, when you flex your muscles such as in the photo, this could represent that the chin implant was not placed directly above on your bone and maybe "floating" within the soft tissue as you move. In this case I would go back to your surgeon for further clarification.

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