5 weeks post op Rhinopasty: What would be causing a weird bellowing vibration feeling?

I have this weird bellowing vibration of air in my nose when I breath in when crying or sniffling, This vibration is from the left nostril not the right. . Is it normal to still feel congested? it is only in the left nostril not the right . the right is wide open. I get a bit of a burning sensation and my nose has a coldness to it. getting very worried.doc gave me samples of nasonex. helps the congestion a bit.

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Vibration feeling after rhinoplasty

The majority of your intranasal swelling should be resolved by 5 weeks following a rhinoplasty, but if you have underlying allergies or sinus disease, it is not uncommon to have ongoing issues with congestion and swelling which can be managed with a nasal steroid spray such as Nasonex. However, it is difficult to say exactly why you may be experiencing the vibration feeling. If the sensation persists, I would recommend visiting your surgeon for another evaluation.

Sachin Pawar, MD

Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon
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