At 6 Weeks Post Op Will my Right Breast Implant Drop?

I'm 6 weeks out and my right breast implant still feels like it is floating. If I push on the bottom of my left breast the implant does not go up at all into my chest area. When I push on the bottom of my right breast the implant will go up into my chest area. There is a difference in the shape and size but it's not bad, but if I lift my arms up the right implant rides up. So has the pocket closed at 6 weeks and it won't go into it now?

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Implants dropping

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Give it some time for the breasts to be in the right spot. They often gradually "drop" over a 3-4 month period. One usually lags behind the other.

How long for breast implant to drop

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There are numerous apects to this which cannot be completely answered here. I suspect there was a difference in the shape and size of your breasts prior to surgery which may be partially responsible for your findings. However, to answer your qeustion, yes, it is possible that your right will drop relative to your left especially if you perform preferential exercises, but to what degree is unkown. Keep in close contact with your surgeon and discuss your concerns.,

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