3 Weeks Post Op BA, Post Hematoma (No Drain), 325 Silicone Dual Plane, Possible Infection? (photo)

From 11, I started to feel human again. I always felt the weight on my chest, but my hematoma was healing. Now I am 3 weeks 1 day post op, & I am feeling shooting pains internal /external nipple area (not just nipple), burning sensations, concerned of infection, as I also am feeling tightness, soreness, urges to remove my bra. New - feel some shifting if i lean over, & they feel warm to the touch. Some girls are back to cardio, & I am functioning / working, but could not imagine being active.

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People heal from a breast augmentation differently.

Your convalescence will be prolonged because of the hematoma. Even without it you might require a longer convalescence as a matter of individual variability. Any questions about infection should prompt a visit to your surgeon.

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May not be an infection of the breast

If you had an infected implant your entire breast would be warm and painful. You would also be experiencing fever and chills.  An examination will be necessary to determine if this is something to be concerned about.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast augmentation healing

Everyone heals at a different rate.  It certainly is worthwhile to see your doctor to make sure you are healing ok, but it may take longer for you.

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See your surgeon...

Hello and thanks for your post. The symptoms you are describing can be normal under certain circumstances, but only your PS can tell you if anything more serious is going on with your breast. Bring it up to his/her attention. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

Aldo Guerra, MD
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