2 Weeks Post Op and Still a Crooked Nose and Wide Tip?

I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and had my cast removed last week. I had an injury to my nose when I was around 6 and I'm now 32. My tip and nostrils were fine but my bridge was wide and crooked to the left with a slight bump on left. Since my cast has been removed my nose still appears crooked to the right this time and my tip and nostrils appear wider with tip lifted slightly. I only wanted my bridge straightened and narrowed and am worried my nose still looks crooked and wide. Please help.

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2 Weeks Post Op and Still a Crooked Nose and Wide Tip?

 Rhinoplasty does not yield instant results, so to have things look a bit wonky at 2 weeks is pretty standard.  Give yourself several months to see the real results and as always, you should should bring up any concerns to your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.

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Crooked Nose with Wide Tip 2 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

It is normal to have swelling 2 weeks after your rhinoplasty which makes it impossible to evaluate your results - It will take another 6-9 months. There is nothing you can do a this time except be patient.

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Post-op rhinoplasty

At two weeks it is a bit early to see the final results.  Give it time for the swelling to go down.  This can take 6 months to a year.

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