Almost 3 Weeks Post Op and One Side Hasn't Dropped and Has Taken on a Flat Appearance with Ripples Under Incision?

Breast Augmentation. My right side dropped and looks perfectly round, the left side hadn't dropped and is now looking and feeling flat on the side? I've been doing my massages like I was shown should I be concerned? It also feels rippled under my incision where as the one that has dropped is smooth! Please help ease my mind

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Concerns after Breast Augmentation?

You will be best served by addressing your questions and concerns with your plastic surgeon who knows your situation best and is in the best position to reassure you in a meaningful way after direct examination.

Generally speaking, some degree of breast asymmetry at this point in your recovery is to be expected. You may find that as the left breast implant fully “settles”, your concerns about the shape and symmetry of the breasts  will be alleviated.

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