I'm 4 Weeks Post Op and my Right Breast Seems to Be Positioned About 1/2"+higher? (photo)

4 weeks post op and my right breast seems to be positioned about 1/2" higher than my left. Right breast also appears to be longer and "droopier" hanging slightly off implant "snoopy dog". Left perfect. Right was a bit bigger pre-op.I did briefly touch on this to my doctor at my 2 week p/o f/u appointment, however she said that over the next several months and beyond they will drop down and "relax" down into place. MD's do you think revision is needed? Who's financially responsible? EtcThank you!

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Asymmetry after augmentation

At 4 weeks post-op, there is still considerable swelling--and swelling can persist for up to 6 months in my experience. From your pictures there is definitely an asymmetry but it is difficult, if not impossible, at this time to tell how much is swelling and how much, if any, is due to malposition. Discuss with your surgeon whether a bandeau would be advisable to help with the repositioning. As far as financial arrangements for any revisions, most offices have a policy to address this and your surgeon's office should be able to tell you what theirs is. Good luck.

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Postoperative Implant Malposition


There are several causes for postoperative implant malposition.  The most commmon is the implant was positioned poorly at the time of surgery.  Capsular contracture (hard scar around the implant), even of a minor degree, can cause the implant to move superiorly and produce asymmetry.  With saline implants, if there is no encapsulation, downward compression with a bandeau can help repositon the implant.  Silicone implants do not reposition nearly as easily.

A minor procedure is all that is generally necessary to move the implant to a better position.  Most surgeons would wait until the scarring is mature prior to reoperation and this might vary from 3-6 months postoperatively.

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High Right Implant..

You are still fairly early post-op, and I suspect the implant position will improve quite a bit. However, if the implant does not settle, it is fairly easy to lower the implant to the correct position. Financial responsibility varies from office to office - in my practice I would lower (if necessary) at no charge to the patient. Good Luck!

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Right breast positioned 1/2" higher at 4 weeks post op

Thank you for the question. Asymmetries after breast augmentation is not uncommon.  This is due to the implants settling at different rates.  It should take around 4-6 months for the implants to fully settle so best to give it more time.  TBest of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi.

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

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