4 Weeks Post Op and Asymmetries Appearing, Is This Normal?

4 weeks post op I'm noticing that my bridge and the area nearest my eyes is now asymmetric. I don't know whether this is swelling? It feels hard. Along the right side of my nasal bone and next to the bit that joins with my cheek the nose looks smooth and defined. On the left hand side it looks much more swollen but, again, to the touch it is hard. Finally, where I had a hump removal I've a hard oval lump that's visible from side & front. Are these issues 'normal' or cause for concern?

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Eyelid problem postop

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ti is impossibe to assess without photo or examination.  Most of the swelling goes away by one month, but scarring takes at least 6 months to improve.  Discuss with your surgeon or see an oculoplastic surgeon.

Asymmetries 4 Months Post Rhinoplasty

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Swelling and the resolution of that swelling is frequently asymmetrical. Both patient and surgeon always care about the healing process but the asymmetry should improve with time. Stay in touch with your surgeon.

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