I Am 4 Weeks Post Op and Have Alot of Pain in my Left Breast Still and It Feels Like a Lump or Something Next to my Implant?

i received 450 cc memory gel implants and initially my first day after surgery I was very nauseous and still groggy from anesthesia I rammed my left breast into the toilet . I went to see my surgeon as it swelled up way more than the other side then. He said everything was fine.but I still have more swelling on the left than right and a knot or squishy lump on the side of my implant. My lymph nodes have started to swell especially in my armpits and am very fatigued since surgery. Help me!!!

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Breast implant question

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From your description,  I would be concerned that you have a hematoma or seroma. An ultrasound is a quick inexpensive study to determineif you have a fluid collection around the implant that requires operative intervention. Please see your doctor for his or her advice.

Pain in breast after implants

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While some pain after breast implant surgery is normal, based upon your history I would be worried about a hematoma or seroma.  You should probably be evaluated by your surgeon.

Pain and lump 4 weeks after breast augmentation

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You need to be seen by your plastic surgeon to be sure everything is still fine. There could be a collection of blood (hematoma) or serum (seroma) or even infection, although this is less likely. Still, I want you to be checked out.

Good luck!

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