3 Weeks Post Op 250 Cc Saline Unders Dont Look Fake?

im 3 weeks post op i am 5 foot 2 around 105 lbs i like the look of "fake boobs" where u can see the outline of the bag esp at the top part, i know that may sound strange but i do, and mine dont look that way also my nipple is towards the bottom my PS said it is because my implants haven't dropped yet? I wish I would have listened to him and gone bigger. they are 250 cc Mentor moderate profile sub muscular. Areola incision.

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Quite right, moderate profile submuscular implants do not look fake

Communication is the key if you are after a certain look after breast augmentation. The rounder 'fake' look might have worked out for you with a high profile breast implant. Remember, it is never safe to assume your surgeon knows the look you want.

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250 moderate breast implants won't give a fake look

Without photos it is hard to say but the only way in most cases to get the "fake" full look with an implant is to go HP.  A moderate profile is meant to look natural by design.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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