Five Weeks Post Mommy Makeover and Have Pain in Leg when Walking.

I'm 36 years old and in good health. I had TT,BL, and brazilian butt lift five weeks ago. Six days ago I began having some pain on my right leg below the side of my knee. I called my Doctor's office and they said it was probably not related to the surgery. I'm concerned it could be a blood clott. It only hurts when I walk. I did not injure it. It's not swollen or red. I don't have family history of dvt from mom's side but don't know father's family history. I know something is not right with it.

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Blood clot

This can be a sign of a blood clot but other minor issues as well. If my patients have this symptom, I schedule an immediate office visit to examine them. If I am concerned about a blood clot, I order a doppler ultrasound to check for a clot in the venous system of the leg. You are getting outside the window for the symptoms of a blood clot to appear but it is not unheard of to have it this far out from surgery.

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Leg pain 6 days post op abdominoplasty

Obviously we are all concerned about a potential deep vein thrombosis if a post op patient develops lower leg pain.  You are at the greatest risk for this problem from day 3 to day 7 after surgery.  You should contact the surgeon's immediately and be examined.  Do not do this over the phone.  If there is any question then an ultrasound of the lower extremities is indicated to rule out DVT.  

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Leg pain could be blood clot

Please seek medical attention.  The pain in your leg could be a blood clot.  An ultrasound and possibly a chest CT scan may be required.

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Five Weeks Post Mommy Makeover and Have Pain in Leg when Walking.

With the amount of surgery you had, you always have to worry about a blood clot. Some of the symptoms you describe could point to that. If you have pain when your foot is pulled up, like a reverse stepping on the gas, then you need to have a Doppler exam to rule out the blood clot. They are rare but can be life threatening.  It would be rare this far out, but something that needs further investigation.

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Blood clot vs other issues


While a DVT (aka blood clot) is a possibility it seems unlikely based on the timing of your surgery and the description of your symptoms.  Pain on the side of your knee is most likely musculoskeletal (related to muscles, tendons, and ligaments).  This can be a result of certain positions during sleeping or walking.  Often, after a abdominoplasty, the discomfort that the procedure creates makes patients walk, sit, and even sleep slightly differently which can lead to these aches and pains in unusual places.  Of course, the only way to be 100% certain would be to have either an ultrasound or a CT/MRI.

All the best,

Dr Repta

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Blood Clot

You need to have a study to evaluate for blood clots done ASAP.  Although your symptoms could be due to something else, you must rule out a blood clot first.  If your plastic surgeon is hesitant to order one, you should ask your primary care doctor or go to an emergency room.

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Concern about clots in the leg 5 weeks after combination surgery

Your concern is quite justified and given the procedures that you had performed concomitantly, you general risk of a clot is increased. Though you are 5 weeks postop and generally out of the higher risk period for a clot and your symptoms are not classic for it, this still needs to be considered. You should be seen immediately by your plastic surgeon who can examine you. If there is any question, a venous doppler study needs to be performed.

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Leg pain after Mommy Makeover

The only way to rule out a possible blood clot would be to see your plastic surgeon and have a doppler ultrasound done immediately. It is a quick test and will rule out the possibility of a clot. While you are farther out from surgery, the risk is still there as you have likely been more sedentary these past weeks.

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Leg pain after surgery

It's is imperative that you undergo proper evaluation of your leg pain that includes a physical exam by a doctor as well as a doppler ultrasounds to role out a deep vein thrombosis which is a blood clot in your deep veins that if not treated may cause pulmonary emboli which is life threatening condition. Although your pain maybe a minor problem it is important to role out a life threatening condition first and put you at ease. Seek a doctors appointment as soon as possible!! Good luck

Pain in Leg after Mommy Makeover?

Thank you for the question.

You're absolutely correct to be concerned about your symptoms. An ultrasound of  the leg should be done to rule out potentially serious deep venous thrombosis.

Best wishes.

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