5 Weeks Post Lower Blepharoplasty and I Think my Cheeks Are Uneven. Is It Permanent?

It will be 5 weeks tomorrow since I had bileteral lower blepharoplasty. I'm still very swollen and I think my cheeks under my eyelids are uneven.

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Lower eyelid surgery and cheek asymmetry

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The upper cheeks are where much of the swelling develops after lower eyelid surgery.  This edema usually resolves last, after the eyelid swelling itself has gone away.  It can take a few months in some patients and will often be asymmetric depending on the amount of dissection and bleeding on each side.  Give it more time.

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Blepharoplasty and asymmetry

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Asymmetry is normal.  If your eyes were treated how would that impact the cheeks to make them asymmetric?  More than likely you started that way.

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Asymmetry after blepharoplasty

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The swelling will contribute to unevenness under your eyes. Also, I always point out to my patients before surgery that their faces have some degree of asymmetry already of which they may not be aware. After the problem, in your case, lower lid bags, is corrected, it is common for paitents to notice other aspects of their faces on which they did not focus. Speedy recovery.

Answering one's own question

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You seem to already know the answer here.  If you are still swollen, you don't know what the final result of the surgery is.  It will take 4-6 months to really know that so try to relax, massage, and stick close to your doctor through the healing.

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