What Can I Do For Uneven Indented Skin Texture 2 Weeks Post Fraxel Repair on Whole Face?

I decided to go with this procedure for mild acne scarring on my cheeks....I had the crusting, the oozing with vinegar soaks and acquafor and then onto PCA skin regimen.My face began to peel and I noticed an area the size of a nickel on my (left cheek) that looked "deeper" I simply thought the skin around it would even out. Well today I'm exactly 2 weeks post and the area is still deeper...and redder than the rest of my face, white patches around it...and extends down my chin! Please help!!! :-(

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Indented Skin Texture 2 Weeks Post Fraxel Repair on Face

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Hi Dahlila,

The best thing for you to do is to contact your treating physician for examination of your skin.  Most likely, with time your skin will heal evenly.  It is still early after your treatment.  If there should be any unevenness once you are completely healed, then a fractionated erbium laser would be helpful.  Email photos if you have further questions or concerns.  Good luck and be well.

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