3 Weeks Post Fat Transfer to Hips- Noticing Asymmetry- Anything I Can Do to Correct?

Three weeks ago, I had fat lipoed from my abdomen then transferred to my hips in order to correct a botched liposuction from 3 years ago. Now that the swelling is subsiding, my right hip has a firm bulge, resulting in an asymmetrical silhouette. Is there a massage technique I can use to try to smooth it out? I have a home ultrasound machine- could that help? Thank you

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Fat Transfer Results

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Without before and after pictures it is impossible for us to give you specific advice.  However, 3 weeks after surgery is a little too early to get worried about your results.  However, I would suggest following closely with your surgeon to ensure that your results are maximized.


Good Luck.

Asymmetry after fat grafting

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3 weeks after fat grafting is too soon to determine whether what you are seeing is permanent or just post operative swelling. I suggest you wait at least another 6 weeks. In response to the use of ultrasound, I would advise against it. Good luck.

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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