5 Weeks Post Capsulorrhaphy - Severe Pain and Hard Spot?

I am 5 weeks post revision breast surgery. I had capsulorrhapy revision surgery & 240cc implants. I was AA befoe surgery and small B post surgery. Since the revision surgery was due to bottoming out, my surgeon told me to wear an underwire 24/7 since the revision. I have severe pain under my left breast. I can also feel a "hard" spot by the incision which I cannot feel on the right side. My surgeon told me to stop wearing the underwire but I'm afraid its something more serious. Suggestions?

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Hard spot after capsulectomy.

Reason for hard spot is difficult to know. This really does require an in person exam. This forum will not have definitive answers fro your. See your plastic surgeon.

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Problems after capsulorrhaphy

Without an exam in person, it is very difficult to suggest what is going on. I think it would be best to see your surgeon to be properly evaluated.

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Surgeon Not Board Certified. Do I Need to Find Another Surgeon?

If there is any visual component, think about attaching a photo to help us.

It is not uncommon for these to hurt. The sutures often go into the rib lining or the cartilage and that can be quite painful. I would suggest, if not already done, being seen by your surgeon. It is unlikely that this is something serious, but it is inappropriate to offer reassurance without being able to examine you.

Thanks for the question, best wishes.


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