I Am 4 Weeks Post Body Jet Liposuction. Was ~700 Enough Taken Out? (photo)

I had my back, love handles, and my tummy done. I'm 5'6 148lbs and a mother of four. I was able to see results in my back but not in my sides or stomach. Do you think ~700 was enough taken out. When the doctor was preforming the procedure I felt a sharp pain; then he stop. My doctor said the stomach is the last to go down I hope this is true and he is not just telling me that. I also have been exercising to try to see more result. Could it be that I haven't been on the no sodium diet lately?

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I am assuming that you had this under local and that due to the pain that the procedure was stopped. The amount in the container actually only represents around 300mls of actual fat which is not a lot and therefore the results will be subtle. I personally prefer to perform body jet liposuction under GA due to the discomfort.

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Aquashape, Body Jet, Water Liposuction: Enough of a change?

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I have used the Aquashape technology for three years and the results have been very good.  I do not see your "before" pictures, so it is hard to comment on the result.  It sounds like you had the procedure under local?  I would be patient and continue to exercise.

Jeffrey Ditesheim, MD, FACS
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