I Am 4 Weeks Post Body Jet Liposuction. Was ~700 Enough Taken Out? (photo)

I had my back, love handles, and my tummy done. I'm 5'6 148lbs and a mother of four. I was able to see results in my back but not in my sides or stomach. Do you think ~700 was enough taken out. When the doctor was preforming the procedure I felt a sharp pain; then he stop. My doctor said the stomach is the last to go down I hope this is true and he is not just telling me that. I also have been exercising to try to see more result. Could it be that I haven't been on the no sodium diet lately?

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Aquashape, Body Jet, Water Liposuction: Enough of a change?

I have used the Aquashape technology for three years and the results have been very good.  I do not see your "before" pictures, so it is hard to comment on the result.  It sounds like you had the procedure under local?  I would be patient and continue to exercise.

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