Doctor Overcompensated for Breast Asymmetry. How to Correct?

I am 4 weeks post op. My right breast was smallar than the left. My PS put 45ccs extra in the right one now left one is considerably smaller than the right. What will I have to do to correct this? If I need a revison when should I get it done?

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Breast Augmentation Asymmetry

Hello 8306anon,

I am sorry you are not happy with your breast augmentation result and feel your breasts are still different in size! I have not the benefit of seeing your before photos, nor your current  appearance either so I will have to speak in general terms.

The way your breasts look in the early period after breast augmentation is temprory and will undoubtely change, as changes occur to you body tissues in response to the forces from the implants.  They can take up to 3 to 6 months in most people before the 'drop and fluff' effect is noticed.  Additionally, certain characteristics of the native breast will have an impact on the degree and speed of the changes that will occur, for example skin elasticity, amount of skin, breast tissue thickness and width, etc.

In persons with asymmetries to their breasts prior to surgery (almost everyone), their result will be asymmetric in both appearance and healing for some period, but will hopefully take on a pleasing symmetrical appearance within a few months.   Please be patient and allow your body to adapt to the implants.  Give yourself at least 3 months.  If you are not happy later, then there is always recourse with a revision surgery. 

Best of luck!

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Put OVERCORRECTION in context: options for further correction

Let me first say that you should put this in context. 45 cc is only 3 tablespoons. IF your breast was smaller the overcorrection is even less than that. Therefore the question is do you want to go throught more surgery because of 15-30cc IF the answer is yes, further surgery is not wihtout risk and you must be willling to accept the possibility of over or under correction. Perfect symmetry is not a reasonable expectation, less asymmetry is a reasonable goal. Your options, and I would wait at least 6 months, are to: 1) put in a smaller implant on the right  2) partially deflate the larger implant 3) liposuction the larger breast 4) put in a larger implant on the left.

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