Did I Do Too Much After Hernia Repair?

I Am 2 Weeks Post-abdominoplasty W/ Removal of a Lg Endometrioma + Hernia Repair. I Felt Good This Past Weekend and Was Walkingstraight w/o pain for several days. My husband went back to work and I lifted our 28lb 2yo 3x on Saturday. Since then I have been unable to stand straight, my ab muscles feel like they are contracting on their own and I cannot sit up w/o help. I do notice swelling down the midline on both sides, especially on the right side (which is causing the majority of the pain). Is this normal? If I over-did it, have I ruined my muscle repair? Thanks so much for responding, CNC

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Did I Do Too Much After Hernia Repair

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Chances are yes you overdid it, and no you did not ruin your muscle repair. Best would be to ask your question of your surgeon, who after a bit of give and take can decide if you need to be seen before your next scheduled appointment. A muscle relaxant may be helpful.

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