Did I Do Too Much After Hernia Repair?

I Am 2 Weeks Post-abdominoplasty W/ Removal of a Lg Endometrioma + Hernia Repair. I Felt Good This Past Weekend and Was Walkingstraight w/o pain for several days. My husband went back to work and I lifted our 28lb 2yo 3x on Saturday. Since then I have been unable to stand straight, my ab muscles feel like they are contracting on their own and I cannot sit up w/o help. I do notice swelling down the midline on both sides, especially on the right side (which is causing the majority of the pain). Is this normal? If I over-did it, have I ruined my muscle repair? Thanks so much for responding, CNC

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Did I Do Too Much After Hernia Repair

Chances are yes you overdid it, and no you did not ruin your muscle repair. Best would be to ask your question of your surgeon, who after a bit of give and take can decide if you need to be seen before your next scheduled appointment. A muscle relaxant may be helpful.

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