6 weeks po lift with augmentation. flat spot on the inside of one (photos)

I am 28 yo 5'8 128lb and have pectus excavatum. I am 6 weeks po from mommy makeover that included breast lift and augmentation. I received silicone 225cc mpp implants that were placed under the muscle. I had a lollipop incision. Two weeks po I noticed a flat spot developing on the inside of my right breast. That area is very tender. I am right handed. Should I be concerned about this area?

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Breast Asymmetry Secondary to Chest Wall Deformities

It's virtually impossible to have a perfectly symmetric result following the combination of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery when patients have asymmetry of the underlying chest wall. Your pectus excavatum deformity makes surgical correction extremely difficult. For these reasons, I believe you have an excellent surgical result following these procedures.

It's important to realize that the area of asymmetry involving your right breast will probably improve as the healing process continues. This may take up to six months to occur as swelling and muscle spasm resolve.

Under these circumstances, it's important to be patient and maintain good communication with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to reassure you and alleviate your anxiety regarding this topic.

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6 weeks after lift and aug

Thank you for your question and photos.  From what I can see, it looks like you have had an excellent result so far.  I see some minor flattening medially, but you are very early in the healing process and I suspect this will improve as the implants settle and the swelling resolves.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon closely. Best wishes.

Matthew H. Steele, MD
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Flat spot 6 weeks after breast lift and augmentation should improve

The result of your breast lift and augmentation looks excellent at 6 weeks.

The area that you are pointing to in your photograph is the medial portion of your inframammary crease and the flattening  may simply be due to the shape of the pocket that contains or breast implant.

With further downward migration of your implants and adjustment to your body this area may become more round however if it does not by 3-4 months it may be permanent.

Most importantly see her plastic surgeon and discuss this in detail.

Early results after breast lift with augmentation

Thanks for your pictures and question.  It is difficult to appreciate any significant issues with your results in the pictures provided.  There does appear to be a slight flattening of the contour to the lower inner portion of your breast but this may be due to asymmetrical swelling.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon closely.  Good luck with your recovery!

Naveen Setty, MD
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Early results after implants and lift for mommy makeover

Thanks for sharing your photos.

It is hard to see any glaring issues with your result based on the photos.  It seems like you have gotten a good operation and you should go on to heal nicely.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon as advised and make sure you are on track.

I am sure you will look great once completely healed.

Best of luck to you.

Steven M. Camp, MD
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6 weeks po lift with augmentation. flat spot on the inside of one

 Congratulations on having undergone the “mommy makeover” surgery. It appears to me that your plastic surgeon has done a very nice job for you. Although I do not see anything concerning in your photographs, best to address your questions/concerns directly with your plastic surgeon who will obviously be able to provide you with better answers, advise, and/or reassurance. Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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