4 Weeks PO from TT/Lipo/BR TT Incision a Little Red on my Skin and Leaking?

I plan on calling my PS this morning but wondering if this is common. My paper tape is coming off my TT site and my incision has been looking great until I cut some loose tape last night and saw my skin was red and little white oozing from my incision. I have had no fever or discomfort. I applied some triple antibiotic creme and gauze last night and again this morning. Just wondering is this normal?

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TT Incision a Little Red on my Skin and Leaking

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A photo would help. 

It sounds like this may be a reaction to the tapes. Were these the ones put on at the time of surgery? 

What you have done sounds appropriate, particularly the call to your surgeon. Hopefully this will resolve quickly for you.

Thanks, best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Incision drainage 4 weeks post tummy tuck

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This is most likely a small suture abscess or a reaction to the protective tape.   I would contact your plastic surgeon for an in office evaluation.     It should be something quick to resolve with removal of the suture and oral antibiotics.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Incisions after a tummy tuck

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It sounds as though you might have a stitch abscess or small incision infection.  Return to your plastic surgeon if you have any concerns about your scars and possible infection.

Redness and oozing 4 weeks after mommy makeover

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From your description it sounds like you have just a little separation and irritation of the skin. Not anything to get alarmed by but you should definitely touch base with your own surgeon. He/she will know best how to direct you.


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