Four Weeks Ago I Had my Cheek Implants Removed. My Right Nostril Collapsed. How Could That Happen?

I am a healthry 75 year old women. Twenty four years Ago I had cheek implants. Over the years with aging they moved and with loss of skin tone were more visible. Four weeks ago I had them removed. My left side is back to normal but the right side of my mouth is pulled down....since there is still some swelling that may return to normal. But the problem is my right nostril, it has collapsed there is no curve to my nostril and i cannot breathe easily through it. how can it just disappear?

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Collaped Right Nostril

It is possible that removing the cheek implants, the configuration of the face has changed, which probably brought the nostril to change its shape as well.

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Collapsed nostril

It's likely that a nerve that controls the flaring action of the nostril was stretched or severed in the removal of the implant. This type of problem usually resolves with time. If the problem is presently very troublesome, there are soft plastic dilators  that can used to keep the nostril open while awaiting return of function. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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Four Weeks Ago I Had my Cheek Implants Removed. My Right Nostril Collapsed. How Could That Happen?

 I have performed Cheek Augmentation with cheek implants for over 25 years and the implants do not move with aging.  It's the overlying soft tissue layers that can thin with age.  Removal of the cheek implants should have no effect on the nostril shape if performed through an intra-oral incision.  You may want to as the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did the cheek implant removal.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Sagging nosrtil after removal of cheek implants.

At age 75 the skin elasticity is decreased and the excess skin over the nostril can temporarily sag. You may want to tape the chhek when you can to have it scar over the cheek and not sag over the nostril. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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