4 Weeks After LASIK and Still have Blurry Right Eye, Why is This?

I had lasik 4 weeks ago. At my 2-week follow I "scored" 20/20 and 20/35. My vision would occasionally fluctuate, but all in all I could see pretty well with both eyes. A few days later I went to the DMV to remove restrictions from my license, but I failed the test because I couldn't see any letter with my right eye. Now it's been 10 days since I went to the DMV, my right eye has not improved and is blurry. Near (reading) and mid-range (walking) vision is good with both eyes, but I can't drive.

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Blurry after LASIK

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i think you should see your surgeon and make sure you have your punctum plugged in that eye, increase the viscosity of your tears, make sure you are taking preservative free drops, increase their frequency, get a humidifier, decrease caffeine and alcohol, increase water, start Restasis, and use a gel at night

after a month of all this, if it's still not better, you may need an enhancement, but only if you notice this with both eyes open. if you only notice if you close the other eye, you should probably leave it alone, as leaving a little residual myopia will prevent needing reading glasses for several more years than normal

just tell all this to your surgeon and he will probably agree!:)

New York Ophthalmologist

Blurry vision after LASIK

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Blurry vision in one eye after LASIK is most likely an issue where the eye is either slightly under/over corrected.  Other causes may be due to wrinkles in the flap or significant dryness.  I would urge you to increase the frequency of your tear drops and schedule an appointment with your LASIK surgeon.  Your surgeon will exam your eyes and determine the cause for the blurriness.  The good news is that almost all LASIK complications are fixable. 

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

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