(3 Weeks) Need Help Knowing if I Messed Up my Result, or if This is Swelling, or What? (photo)

I noticed that my bridge isn't completely straight. On *my* right side, the bridge is caved in, whereas on my left side, it's pretty much straight from the eyebrow to the tip. That being said, the caved in area is something I might have actually caused! It seemed like a bump was forming on the right side of my bridge that was most visible from the 3/4ths view, so I greedily massaged/pushed in the area pretty regularly with moderate pressure for ~3 days before realizing I'm being idiotic. Input?

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Check with surgeon

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Hello. At three weeks you are where near your final result and for a full year after your procedure your cosmetic appearance will continue to improve. For minor irregularities such as yours massaging can improve the appearance BUT I do not recommend it unless you are at least 4 months post op. I would advise you have your surgeon check to make sure everything is ok.

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(3 Weeks) Need Help Knowing if I Messed Up my Result, or if This is Swelling, or What?

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ONLY 3 weeks post rhinoplasty! WHY would you massage any area without the surgeon's OK let alone the pain it would cause would be severe!. BEST to return to your surgeon for examination and an explanation of care. BTW the posted photos demonstrate a nice result. 

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