Almost 5 Weeks Full TT with Lipo and I May Have Done Damage from Lifting, Will this Heal with Rest?

I am 4 wks. 5 days post full TT w/lipo and healing well except pain/burning due to the nerves"waking up". Today I really over did it by shopping and cleaning and staying on my feet for hours. I wore my comp. garment but I did lift my microwave to clean and I'm having pain and burning in my right side lower pelvic area where the incision goes hip to hip. I think my pubic area looks swollen also. Have I possibly done damage or is this due to over doing it? If I tore,will it heal okay if I rest?

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Did lifting damage the internal sutures?

If you lifted something heavy a month after surgery, in all likelihood, you did not damage the internal sutures.  It is natural to be concerned and you should take it easy and give your plastic surgeon a call. 

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Almost 5 Weeks Full TT with Lipo and I May Have Done Damage from Lifting

Without an exam it is impossible to answer your question, so call your surgeon and get in for an appointment. It is not uncommon for patients to have these complaints for awhile and usually it is just pulling on some scar tissue and does not result in any damage to the surgical results. It's important to pay attention to your body's messsages and if it sems like the signals say you are overdoing, you need to slow down a bit.

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