Lumpy Facial Fat Transfer

I am 23 days to be precise into facial fat transfer. I have a roll of fat above my top lip which makes smiling difficult and very lopsided. Also I have a persistent smaller lump in my bottom lip. The lumps have stayed more or less in the same place. I have massaged it daily - sometimes this actually makes it more pronounced. Do you think I need more patience or should I go and get something done about this? I need to return to work next week and feel very self-conscious about it all.

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Fat Transfer

Lumpiness after fat transfer could be due to many things. Initially it could be swelling and healing if it persists beyond 12 weeks then ie is either FAT CYSTS, FAT NECROSIS, LIVE LUMPS OF FAT. SCAR.

At 12 weeks if this problem persists then see your Plastic Surgeon for discussion of options

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Lumps after fat injections

If the areas are unsightly the doctor can try to inject corticosteroid, as long as they are sure there is no infection. This may help shrink the volume or over correction, but it can also create the unwanted reverse effect of losing the fat and getting a depression. Waiting it out may help, and you can ask your doctor if you should do a gentle massage.

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Lumps in lips after fat transfer

Scarring can cause lumps to persist for 6 weeks before they soften. However, if they remain firm at 3 weeks this may be an indication of fat necrosis. I would continue massage and avoid any other intervention for at least 3 months.

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